Your creative business is your baby.


That’s why you need a writer who takes the time to understand:


•  Your business goals and marketing strategy

•  Your ideal client and everything that makes them tick

•  The quirks and eccentricities that define your unique brand

•  The voice and style you’ve worked hard to cultivate

Hi, I’m Hannah Scott.


I’m a writer by trade, a dreamer at heart, and a champion of creative entrepreneurs like you.



My ultimate goal is to take some of the load off your shoulders so you can be free to invest in other parts of your life: quality time with family and friends, reading non-business books just for the fun of it, going for a run to clear your head, or (dare I say it) working on a creative project that’s NOT for a client.


Self-care is an essential part of being a successful creative entrepreneur.

How do I know? Grab a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you my story…


I studied music therapy in college, hoping to turn my passion for singing into a career. I took ten classes at a time, worked two part-time jobs, and felt suffocated every single day. After two years at that breakneck pace, I found myself in the hospital with a nasty case of mononucleosis, a side of clinical depression, and a real distaste for music. Not cool.




As my body recovered, I recognized that I needed a mental recovery too. I started taking long baths instead of pulling all-nighters studying. I found non-music related creative outlets to keep me inspired. I journaled up a storm and focused on processing my stress. But the biggest transformation in my health and well-being occurred when I realized one simple fact:

I can’t do it all.


That little statement made an extraordinary difference for me, and I know it will be a game-changer for you, too. You have so much to offer the world through your creativity if you give yourself the space to stay passionate about what you love!


I’m happy to say that I’m healthy and whole and absolutely love to sing again. Now it’s my joy to use my writing to help other creatives stay inspired and profit from their passion.

You deserve a break.


Let me help you take the next step in your business!